Sprinkles is known for their gourmet cupcakes but they also over a variety of other delectable desserts. One of those is their chocolate chip cookie.  I had never been to a Sprinkles before and a cupcake didn’t tempt me at all it was right to the massive cookie.

The first bite of this cookie was everything you want in a first bite.  A little crunch from the outside of the cookie with a soft center.  The middle can get a little heavy with the richness they pack into these cookies.  The dough of the cookie is a little heavier than your typical cookie but packs a lot of different flavor profiles.  Thickness wise this is one of the thicker cookies you will run into and can be too much for the individual who cannot handle the richness.

Taste- 8; This cookie was very rich and sweet but had all the right tastes of a traditional chocolate chip cookie

Price- 6; I need to get the exact price but I do remember it being a little more than most cookies

Texture- 10; The crunch of the outside with the thick softness of the inside was a perfect combination

Calories- 445, 4; Being on the smaller scale for a cookie this was very calorie rich but what do you expect with the richness

Chocolate Chip Ratio- 8; In every bite you got some chocolate chips which is exactly what you want

Overall Rating – 36 out of 50


Potbelly Sandwich Shop


Although it’s not a typical chocolate chip cookie it still checks off all the main ingredients needed with only one addition.   The oatmeal that is in this cookie brings a little flavor but also contributes to the overall texture of the cookie.  You are still tasting the main aspect of the cookie with little notes of oatmeal.  The oatmeal does however weigh the cookie down and after enjoying a nice sandwich from Potbelly it is tough to finish the whole cookie.  The moisture and density of the cookie is a nice element that allows for the cookie to stay soft and gives the consumer a satisfying bite each time.  The crunch on the outside of the cookie also allows for a nice texture in your initial bite with a bit of softness from the center as well.  

Taste7; Being that it does have the oatmeal in it it takes away from the traditional flavor of the cookie and for that reason it had to be downgraded

Price- $1.50, 8; Can’t really beat paying only a $1.50 for a above average sized cookie like Potbelly’s

Texture- 9; The softness mixed with the crunch of the outside is what keeps bringing you back for another bite

Calories- 420, 5;  With all the goodness in this cookie it was bound to have almost a quarter of the standard persons caloric intake for a day

Chocolate Chip Ratio-  6;  In my opinion there could always be more chocolate chips but this cookie does lack enough to have a couple chips in each bite

Overall Rating- 35 out of 50


Why a blog on cookies?

Well why not?  Most Americans can say they enjoy a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven.  But when you don’t have the time or the baking skills to make yourself a fresh batch at home your only option is to purchase some.  But where do you buy them from??

This blog is here to help with some answers to that question and give an unbiased and unfiltered opinion on restaurant, grocery store and local eateries from around the nation.  Some may ask, “Why only chocolate chip cookies?”.  Because chocolate chip cookies are the Grand Daddy of them all, the Rose Bowl of cookies some may say.  No other cookie in my opinion is worthy of a spot on this blog or worth the wasted calories.

A little about me as well, my name is Kyle and for as long as I can remember I have loved chocolate chip cookies.  When I was a little kid I remember getting three Chewy Chips Ahoy! and a glass of milk every night before bed.  Which is probably what led to my chubby childhood but I grew out of that phase.  But what I have never grown out of is my taste for a good chocolate chip cookie.  I hope to share some of my favorite go to cookies but also find even better ones that can replace the regulars.  With the good comes the bad though and I will not hold anything back because nothing will ruin your hopes of a sweet treat than a shitty cookie.

I hope as the blog grows I can get some feedback and ideas of more places to try and review. You can follow my Instagram account as well @cccookiecritic for news on new posts and anything else chocolate chip cookies!