Potbelly Sandwich Shop


Although it’s not a typical chocolate chip cookie it still checks off all the main ingredients needed with only one addition.   The oatmeal that is in this cookie brings a little flavor but also contributes to the overall texture of the cookie.  You are still tasting the main aspect of the cookie with little notes of oatmeal.  The oatmeal does however weigh the cookie down and after enjoying a nice sandwich from Potbelly it is tough to finish the whole cookie.  The moisture and density of the cookie is a nice element that allows for the cookie to stay soft and gives the consumer a satisfying bite each time.  The crunch on the outside of the cookie also allows for a nice texture in your initial bite with a bit of softness from the center as well.  

Taste7; Being that it does have the oatmeal in it it takes away from the traditional flavor of the cookie and for that reason it had to be downgraded

Price- $1.50, 8; Can’t really beat paying only a $1.50 for a above average sized cookie like Potbelly’s

Texture- 9; The softness mixed with the crunch of the outside is what keeps bringing you back for another bite

Calories- 420, 5;  With all the goodness in this cookie it was bound to have almost a quarter of the standard persons caloric intake for a day

Chocolate Chip Ratio-  6;  In my opinion there could always be more chocolate chips but this cookie does lack enough to have a couple chips in each bite

Overall Rating- 35 out of 50