Sprinkles is known for their gourmet cupcakes but they also over a variety of other delectable desserts. One of those is their chocolate chip cookie.  I had never been to a Sprinkles before and a cupcake didn’t tempt me at all it was right to the massive cookie.

The first bite of this cookie was everything you want in a first bite.  A little crunch from the outside of the cookie with a soft center.  The middle can get a little heavy with the richness they pack into these cookies.  The dough of the cookie is a little heavier than your typical cookie but packs a lot of different flavor profiles.  Thickness wise this is one of the thicker cookies you will run into and can be too much for the individual who cannot handle the richness.

Taste- 8; This cookie was very rich and sweet but had all the right tastes of a traditional chocolate chip cookie

Price- 6; I need to get the exact price but I do remember it being a little more than most cookies

Texture- 10; The crunch of the outside with the thick softness of the inside was a perfect combination

Calories- 445, 4; Being on the smaller scale for a cookie this was very calorie rich but what do you expect with the richness

Chocolate Chip Ratio- 8; In every bite you got some chocolate chips which is exactly what you want

Overall Rating – 36 out of 50


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